Drum Mix Plant
Drum Mix Plant are the highly efficient, fast and safe method to produce a hard mixture of asphalt with various other constituent substances which can be used in construction applications to build roads and other hard surfaces.
Road Sweeper

Road Sweepers are the automated cleaning solution that are used to make a large area dust and debris free within a lesser period of time. We offer various types of such equipments that can be operated with or without battery.

Storage Tanks
Storage Tanks are the containers with a relatively larger size which helps to store a large volume of materials such as asphalt mixtures, concrete solution and various types of volatile chemicals. They are fabricated with welded steel to make a completely closed and insulated enclosure. 
Paver Finishers
We are one of the best manufacturer and supplier of Paver Finishers that are widely used in construction applications to make a hard and rigid flat mat of the asphaltic mixture before the final compacting of the roads by rollers. 
Mini Batching Plant
Mini Batching Plant are heavy machineries that are used to make a fine mixture of concrete which consist of water, cement, binders and various other types of additives. They are available in both drum and box type configuration of the mixing chambers having different volumetric capacities.
Hot Mix Plant

Hot mix Plant are the large industrial setup that are used to make paving asphalt material which is a combination of graded and high quality different sizes of aggregates that are heated and mixed with liquid bitumen in required quantity for production of hot mix asphalt.

WMM Plants
WWM Plants are the set of top quality and highly efficient machine components that are designed as per the industrial grade materials to provide rigidity and sturdiness to the structure. The modern wet mix technology ensures continuous and homogenous blending of aggregates and chemical additives. 
Bitumen Sprayers

The range of Bitumen Sprayer availed by us provided in various designs such as skid, truck and trolley mounted configurations. They are used to throw a finely mixed hot molten mixture of asphalt and additives which is used in road construction at a uniform rate.

Bitumen Pressure Distributor

Bitumen Pressure Distributor are the self-propelled heavy machines that are used to make hot sticky and viscous mixture of asphalt which is for the construction of hard surfaces like roads, highways, floor of parking lots and various other applications.

Asphalt Batch Mix Plant
Asphalt Batch Mix Plant are the heavy duty machineries that used for various different set of applications such as drying and heating of the aggregates, measuring of bitumen and binder material, mixing of the constituents and finally discharging of the hot mix asphalt.
Asphalt Hot Mix Plant Spare Parts
Hindustan Road Equipments also offers a wide range of Asphalt Hot Mix Plant Spare Parts that are essential for the efficient and safe working of the whole plant productively. These component parts are manufactured as per international standards by utilizing premium grade materials.