Bitumen Pressure Distributor

Bitumen Pressure Distributors are the high temperature machines that are used in the construction of roads. These are also known as bitumen sprayer as they are used to spray molten charcoal on the road surfaces. These are one of the most important equipment for highway construction for uniform sprinkling sticky black viscous semi-solid form of petroleum which is derived from mixture of hydrocarbons which acts as an agent to bind between the surface and asphalt which helps the HMA to gel with the road quickly. Bitumen Pressure Distributors are available in different sizes and capacity. These are manufactured with best grade of materials which is capable to withstand high temperature in the melting zone. They are equipped with a high performance diesel powered generator. 
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Apollo Bitumen Pressure Distributors

Price: 6.8 Lakhs INR

Apollo Bitumen Pressure Distributors are precisely designed to suit standard truck chassis, having air cooled diesel engine & positive displacement gear pump, speed detection & drive control system, a pressure cleaning system, and clog free spraying system. Made from superior quality GI alloy, they are utilized for applying a uniform coat of hot bitumen or asphalt on newly constructed roads, bridges, or pavement areas. Their folding spray bars are operated by a pneumatic system.

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Truck Mounted Bitumen Pressure Distributor

Price: 2.2 Lakhs INR

Truck Mounted Bitumen Pressure Distributor is used for uniformly spraying the emulsion to roads at a constant speed and pressure. It consists of a unique pressure cleaning system to assure its trouble free operation each time when it is used. This distributor is designed having a heat resistant tank for efficiently storing the hot fluid, a burner for maintaining constant temperature, gear type pump, twin cylindered air compressor, and a sprayer.